Current Count Data

Detailed traffic count data can be found on NavigateLA (Internet Explorer Only), see tutorial here.

Brief summaries can be found here (Large Excel File). Once open, search for the desired street(s) using your browser’s default find function (CTRL+F).

If you cannot find a recent count of your desired location, try looking for past counts in the 2001-10 Traffic Volume Book (Large Excel File) .

Troubleshooting and FAQ’s.

If you do not see a specific intersection listed in the above two books or NavigateLA, then LADOT does not have count data for that intersection. Most likely, no traffic count was conducted there, or the count is not within the boundaries of the City of Los Angeles.

You may also try using a Thomas Guide Map to find nearby intersections, and search those locations for available data.

For further help, contact the traffic survey section: