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Taxicab Drivers
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Taxicab Regulations 
LADOT regulates taxicab companies, vehicle owners, and drivers. Permission to operate taxicab service in the City of Los Angeles is approved by the Board of Taxicab Commissioners, the City Council, and the Mayor through the granting of a taxi franchise.

LADOT enforces adopted regulations to ensure that vehicles are safe and that service levels are professional. This includes confirming that drivers are licensed and vehicles insured, testing drivers, and performing safety inspections on vehicles. LADOT and the Board of Taxicab Commissioners also establish taxi rates paid by customers.

LADOT investigates alleged wrongdoing by drivers and recommends discipline for action by the Board of Taxicab Commissioners.  Sustained wrongdoing can result in revocation of the company’s franchise and/or driver’s permit to operate a taxicab in the city.

Los Angeles Taxicab Review and Performance Report

LADOT and LAPD also investigate taxicabs operating illegally in the city, frequently referred to as "bandit" taxis.

City of Los Angeles Authorized Taxicab Companies

United Independent Taxi(800) 822-8294
United Taxi of San Fernando Valley(800) 290-5600
Yellow Cab(800) 200-1085
Bell Cab(888) 235-5222
Beverly Hills Cab Company(800) 273-6611
LA Checker Cab(800) 300-5007
City Cab(800) 750-4400
Independent Taxi(800) 521-8294
United Checker Company(310) 834-1121