Transportation Planning & Policy

LADOT Transportation Planning & Policy conducts and develops research, planning, and policies both to address the City’s short-term transportation needs and to achieve the City’s long-term mobility goals, as called for in the City’s Mobility Plan 2035. Transportation planners at LADOT work with the Department of City Planning to develop travel demand projections and define policies to accommodate future conditions in the City of Los Angeles. 

Modernizing Transportation in Los Angeles

Modernizing Transportation Management
LADOT and the Department of City Planning are updating the City’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Ordinance. TDM includes a broad spectrum of strategies designed to promote and support a full range of mobility options, from information, support, and incentive programs to investments in connected, complete streets. The ordinance update will incorporate emerging transportation technologies, capture shifting travel preferences, and accommodate future mobility needs though diverse, adaptive TDM applications.

Modernizing Transportation Analysis
California Senate Bill 743, passed in 2013, changed the way that the transportation impacts of new developments are determined. After its enactment, the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research began developing new technical guidance for lead agencies that evaluate transportation impacts under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). To support the City’s role as a lead agency under CEQA, LADOT is developing methods to assess a proposed project’s transportation impacts based on anticipated vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per capita and accessibility needs—metrics that consider the impact of new development and projects on all people who travel, not just people who choose to drive. By updating the City’s transportation impact criteria and analysis methods, transportation-related impacts can be mitigated through measures that improve the quality and reliability of everyone’s transportation choices.

Modernizing Transportation Investments
LADOT plans and forecasts resources for the City’s mobility investments. Mobility investments include delivery of transportation infrastructure, operation of mobility services, and other specific initiatives (plans, educational programs, research projects, etc.) that enhance the safety, sustainability, and reliability of our transportation system. LADOT delivers Transportation Capital Improvements that meet the City’s transportation needs and support our sister agencies in all areas of surface transportation.

Other Ongoing Initiatives 

Community Planning
LADOT collaborates with the Department of City Planning to identify what conditions will impact travel in the future and how travel behaviors and volumes will change. LADOT provides transportation planning and engineering expertise to inform the development of the City’s 35 Community Plans, which collectively make up the Land Use Element of the City’s General Plan. The Community Plan program is administered by the Department of City Planning.

Transit Neighborhood Plans​
In June 2012, the City of Los Angeles, in partnership with Metro, launched an effort to create several Transit Neighborhood Plans(TNPs) that encourage the creation of livable communities and employment centers around the region’s expanding transit network. LADOT works closely with the Department of City Planning to develop TNPs that incorporate transportation infrastructure improvements and foster walkable, bikeable, and people-oriented streets that connect people to transit stations.​​​