Neighborhood Signs

LADOT posts special signs that help residents and visitors identify the geographic boundaries of different neighborhoods and significant places.

The standard neighborhood sign is rectangular and features white letters on a blue background. 

Alternative colors and shapes are possible upon request however they must comply with federal and state law as indicated in the California Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  For example, octagonal signs painted red are reserved for regulatory stop signs.

LADOT also identifies places of cultural and historical significance designated by a federal or state agency or by resolution of the City Council.

Please contact our district offices or your City Council member’s office to request a non-standard or cultural/historic sign.

In general, approval will require:

  • Concurrence from your City Council member's office
  • LADOT approval consistent with the MUTCD and wind load considerations:
    1. Shape and colors
    2. Location
    3. Size no more than nine square feet
  • Installation & maintenance
    1. Funding by a neighborhood group, business association, etc.
    2. Fabrication of the sign(s) to city standards
    3. Installation by a contractor qualified to install signs to city standards