Bicycling in LA

Bicycling in LA
Better bicycle infrastructure for a safe, healthy, and sustainable Los Angeles

Bicycling is good for your health, the environment, and your wallet. LADOT is making bicycling safer and more comfortable for all by building better bike lanes, increasing safe bike parking and repair stations, and creating the world’s largest scooter and bike share program. Learn more about the ways we support bicycling in LA below.


Bike Projects

LADOT is building a vast network of dedicated bike lane projects across the city. To accelerate the growth of safe cycling, LADOT is working with communities on bicycle projects along the LA River, the Expo Line, and streets with a high rate of serious, bicycle-related crashes. Our priority is to make bicycling a safe and comfortable experience for you.

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Bike Parking

LADOT installs public bike racks for short-term use. Anyone can request a bike rack through our online form.

Total Bike Racks: 7,312  
Total Bike Corrals: 17 in the City

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Bike Counts

LADOT conducts regular counts of the number of people walking and biking in the city to track progress on our ridership goals and inform planning decisions about our projects. For more information, visit

Metro Bike Share

The Metro Bike Share system makes bikes available 24/7, 365 days a year in Downtown LA, Central LA, North Hollywood and the Westside. Metro Bike Share offers convenient round-the-clock access to a fleet of bicycles for short trips. Metro Bike Share is one of LA Metro's multiple public transportation options for Angelenos and visitors to get around.

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Shared MicroMobility

People in Los Angeles deserve safe and comfortable transportation choices to get around this great city. That’s why LADOT created a pilot one-year permit to regulate and manage shared scooters and bicycles in Los Angeles. LADOT will work to ensure safety, comfort, and equity for all who wish to use shared scooters and bicycles. 

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