1920s - City adopts major traffic plan and simplified traffic code to deal with popularization of motor vehicles after World War I

1930 - Ralph T. Dorsey helps form the Bureau of Street Traffic Engineering as unity of the Police Department

1949 - Department of Traffic Engineering created to address post World War II growth

1953 - change in City charter creates Department of Traffic

Taxi Cab Commissioners

Please click here for more information regarding Commission meetings, reports, and regulations.  Visit our taxi services website for more information on authorized taxicab providers, taxi rates or to make a complaint.

Commissioner Eric Spiegelman, President
Mr. Spiegelman is the Sole Practitioner at the Spiegelman Media Law and Consulting. Mr. Spiegelman graduated as Class President from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law; J.D.


LADOT works with two citizen commissions appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles and confirmed by the City Council.

Board of Transportation Commissioners
The Transportation Commission has a number of duties and responsibilities under the Los Angeles Administrative Code authorized by the City Council:


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