LADOT Permits

LADOT Permits
Business permits for operating for-hire and private mobility

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation is responsible for regulating dockless mobility, taxicabs, ambulances, and other vehicles-for-hire.

Notice to Department of Transportation Industry Professionals

If you are compensated to interact with the Department of Transportation, City law may require you to register as a lobbyist and report your activity. Any individual may qualify as a lobbyist, regardless of occupation, education, training, or professional title. A lobbyist may hold a position that includes but is not limited to attorney, CEO, consultant, government liaison, business owner, permit applicant, engineer, expediter, land developer, dockless mobility operator, taxicab and fleet operators, transportation assessors, sustainable development planners, various real estate professionals, and others.

More information is available online through the Ethics Commission’s lobbying program and publication pages. For assistance, please contact the Ethics Commission.

Dockless Mobility
scooter riders and a bike rider

In the last couple of years, the City of Los Angeles witnessed an explosion of dockless, on-demand mobility products and services. In order to better understand the implications of this technology on the City and its citizens, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is administering a One-Year Dockless On-Demand Personal Mobility Permit.

Operators interested in participating in the Permit must fill out the application as well as meet requirements related to data collection, insurance, indemnification, and performance deposit provisions. Beginning January 28, 2019, LADOT will begin accepting Permit applications from operators. All applications will be due on or before February 15, 2019 by 4:00 p.m. Applications received after February 15, 2019 will be considered late and not allowed to apply for the Permit. Depending on the amount of applications received, please allow up to 15-20 business days for processing.

For more information about data sharing compliance for the One-Year Permit, please download the webinar presentation.


LADOT Dockless Mobility Annual Permit

On Demand Mobility Rules and Guidelines 2021

R21-0089 SMD Program (ord.)

LADOT MDS API Compliance Mobility Provider Guidelines

LADOT Year One Report

LADOT Data Protection Principles

LADOT Guidelines for Handling of Data from MSPs


LADOT TAP v1-2 Nov Final

LADOT SIP 06122018

LADOT Dockless Shared Mobility Program

MDS Developer Webinar - One Year Permitting Overview 03-06-19 Revision

LADOT Dockless Mobility Low-Income Plans

Taxis and Vehicles-For-Hire
Ensuring access to safe, convenient, and affordable local for-hire transportation services
Taxis and For-Hire Vehicles

The For-Hire Policy and Enforcement Division of LADOT is dedicated to providing convenient, safe, and reliable transportation options in Los Angeles. We fulfill this obligation by managing all aspects of permitting including driver certification, motor vehicle inspections, fleet management, and compliance auditing.

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Apply for Temporary Food Pick-Up Sign

LADOT is helping restaurants that provide made-to-order food pick-up options by supplying parking signs free of charge to businesses that apply using the form below. Here's how it works:

food pickup sign

  1. Fill out the application form below.
  2. Upon approval, LADOT will install within three business days temporary signs (example on left) that will indicate a dedicated food pick-up location near your restaurant.
  3. If you have questions, email

Apply for Retail Pick-Up Sign

Retail Pick upLADOT is helping retail establishments provide pick-up only options by supplying parking signs free-of-charge to businesses that apply using the form below. Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out the application form below.
  2. Upon approval, LADOT will install within three business days temporary sign(s) that will indicate a dedicated retail pick-up location near your store.

L.A. Al Fresco -- Outdoor Dining
L.A. Al Fresco

LADOT is supporting LA Al Fresco to provide L.A. restaurants with outdoor dining options to restaurants impacted by COVID-19. Outdoor dining allows restaurants to serve customers while safely practicing physical distancing.

Through the L.A. Al Fresco program, eligible restaurants can apply to expand dining areas into parking lanes, driving lanes, and private lots adjacent to restaurants. The City will provide planters, barricades, and umbrellas for outdoor dining businesses to use in newly permitted spaces.

In order to support businesses most in need, 55% of all the resources and applications approved for the program will be earmarked for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) businesses or businesses located in areas that have suffered the greatest job loss due to COVID-19.

More details of the program and application for L.A. Al Fresco is available at