Film Permits

Commercial filming in the City of Los Angeles requires a permit issued by Film L.A.

Once permitted, LADOT assists film production by posting temporary parking restrictions, making traffic signal timing modifications, approving temporary lane closures, and providing technical assistance on traffic management plans.

Traffic Signals

Traffic signals are used to improve safety and facilitate the efficient movement of vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians on city streets when appropriate.

If you believe there is a safety or traffic congestion issue in your neighborhood, you can request an investigation through the myLADOT Service Request system. 

The installation of new or modified traffic signals (e.g. adding a left turn arrow) is determined by LADOT after conducting a traffic engineering assessment. 

Neighborhood Signs

LADOT posts special signs that help residents and visitors identify the geographic boundaries of different neighborhoods and significant places.

The standard neighborhood sign is rectangular and features white letters on a blue background. 


1920s - City adopts major traffic plan and simplified traffic code to deal with popularization of motor vehicles after World War I

1930 - Ralph T. Dorsey helps form the Bureau of Street Traffic Engineering as unity of the Police Department

1949 - Department of Traffic Engineering created to address post World War II growth

1953 - change in City charter creates Department of Traffic


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